Our Team

Stuart J. Roth

Founder & President

As Founder of the Center for Faith and Freedom®, I recognize the important role that non-profit organizations play in communities across this great nation. At the Center, we are addressing many of the social, economic and spiritual issues confronting our citizens and have been charged with the responsibility of helping families and individuals that find themselves in life’s most difficult predicaments.

As a non-denominational faith-based organization, our mission is driven by simple Judeo-Christian biblical principals that require us to help those in need. To this end we have dedicated our resources, time and efforts to make an impact wherever He directs our attention and to be “salt and light’ in the communities we serve.

Since 1989, we have taken these responsibilities seriously and hope our commitment to excellence is evident in our program services, samples of which are available on this website.

The Center’s multi-media production company, Salt & Light Productions®, has been the recipient of 50 Telly Awards and Senior Producer Don Gangnagel has been presented with 2 Suncoast Regional Emmy® awards for his work on the documentaries for Micaiah Ministries and the Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center (SPAARC).

More important than awards is our mission to serve others and be a source of inspiration and encouragement as we venture forward helping those less fortunate than ourselves. At the Center, we strive to remain cognizant that “to whom much is given, much will be required.”

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