The Power of Testimony

We don’t make videos.
We tell stories.

Nothing can grab an audience and move them to action quite like a powerful personal testimony will. The veteran that you helped get through a rough time; The single mom you are sending through school; The family that you moved into more affordable housing. Each of them communicates more about the heart of your organization than the most clever ad campaign ever will.

At Salt & Light Productions, we recognized that the best way to tell the story of your organization is to tell the stories of the lives you’ve changed. We have a unique ability to capture those personal stories and share them with the world. Our compelling, testimonial-based presentations have a reputation of striking the right chord with donors, creating an intimate awareness of your important work.


Custom Video Presentations

If you are changing lives in your community, help potential donors, volunteers and community leaders see for themselves why your organization is so critical. Salt & Light Productions may be able to create a custom video presentation for you through our Cost-Sharing Grant program. Our Cost-Sharing Grants underwrite a large portion of the development costs of a professional video production.

No-Cost Resources

Every year, Salt & Light Productions creates issue-oriented video presentations that can be used at no-cost by qualifying non-profit organizations, educational institutions and governmental agencies. These resources are a great way to raise awareness about the important work being done by your organization.

Our compelling videos can be used in presentations to groups of any size, used online on your website and YouTube channel, and posted on all of your social media platforms. Most of our resources can even be customized with your own logo and contact information (simple editing software required).

Shelby shares her heartbreaking story of addiction, loss and eventual recovery in “Shelby’s Story,” a video resource available to qualifying non-profit organizations, education institutions and governmental agencies.

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