Cost-Sharing Grants

Non-profit organizations and governmental agencies are of critical importance to the hurting, less fortunate, and sometimes overlooked members of our society. Unfortunately, it is becoming more and more difficult for those organizations to continue their program services in these difficult economic times.

Cost-Sharing Grants make it easier for non-profit organizations, educational institutions and governmental agencies to develop a high-quality video presentation that will have an impact on potential donors, volunteers and community leaders.

At Salt & Light Productions, we understand how a compelling and well-crafted presentation video can multiply your marketing and development efforts. Traditionally, organizations have had few options to obtain such an important tool; the organization had to choose between a compelling and effective video that was very expensive to produce, or an inexpensive amateur video that failed to motivate viewers to the desired action.

Through our Cost-Sharing Grants, we provide a substantial portion of the production costs as an in-kind donation, making a highly compelling video presentation attainable by non-profit organizations; helping them to make the most of their marketing and development efforts and continue their important work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Cost-Sharing Grant?

Cost-Sharing Grants subsidize most of the production costs required to complete a professional video project. As the name implies, the costs are being shared, with Salt & Light Productions paying a portion of the expenses, and the applicant organization paying a portion. This allows non-profit organizations to obtain a high-quality and compelling presentation video at a fraction of the cost of a commercial production facility.

Who is Eligible to Receive a Cost-Sharing Grant?

Non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and governmental agencies are eligible to apply for a Cost-Sharing Grant. Salt & Light Productions awards a number of grants based on our current production capacity and schedule.

What happens after I submit my grant application?

Once you have submitted your cost-sharing grant application, we will meet with you to discuss your goals and gather enough information to develop a proposal for your project. Your proposal will contain one or more options for the finished product and will identify the cost of production, the grant amount being offered, and the balance that your organization will need to cover.

We don't have a video budget. What can we do?

Many non-profit organizations realize that a professionally produced video will make their future marketing and development efforts more productive, but they do not have money set aside for such a project. Most find that they can raise the money by appealing to their donor pool or a few select benefactors. Some apply to community foundations or for additional grants to cover their portion of the production expenses.

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