Resources for Non-Profit Organizations

Salt & Light Productions created the following video presentations to help raise awareness about some of our nation’s most critical social issues. Qualifying non-profit organizations, educational institutions and governmental agencies can apply to use these resources at no-cost.

Child Hunger

It’s easy to understand why children go hungry in the most impoverished nations. But in the United States – the richest country in the world – one in five children do not get the nutrition they need. In almost every community, there are young students who didn’t eat breakfast before school. Some of them didn’t eat dinner last night, either.

Topics: Hunger, nutrition, education
Resources: Issue Video


Shelby’s Story

When her first boyfriend convinced her to smoke marijuana, Shelby found that it numbed the feelings she had never been able to control. In a short time, Shelby was a hard-core drug user who was kicked out of college, destroyed relationships with friends and family, and became so miserable she wanted to end it all.

Topics: Drug Abuse, Faith
Resources: Issue Video



Emerging from a childhood marred by abuse and physical violence, Amadeus used drugs to fill the void in his life. Within a few short years, the drugs began to take a serious toll on his physical and emotional well being. Emotionally devastated and wanting to die, Amadeus turned to God to help him discover a life apart from drugs.

Topics: Drug Abuse, Faith
Resources: Issue Video


Without You

While we still struggle to understand what causes autism, it is clear that raising a child affected by it presents challenges that most parents will never face. The chaos of endless emotional, physical, and financial chaos can break a family apart or bond them together forever. In this emotional video, three families reflect on the challenges of raising a child with special needs and the importance of having family and community to turn to when you need them.

Topics: Autism
Resources: Issue Video


Stigma of Mental Illness

When Brian received his diagnosis, he couldn’t even say the word ‘schizophrenic.’ He knew he needed help, but what would that label mean to his family, his friends, and his coworkers? Brian shares his thoughts about the stigma associated with mental illness, and his hope that some day people with mental illnesses won’t be treated and differently than people with other illnesses.

Topics: Mental Illness
Resources: Issue Video


Angela’s Story

Angela does not fit many people’s notion of what homeless people are like. She is not addicted to drugs or alcohol. She has also spent the last year working as a sign-twirler during the day and going to school at night in hopes of getting a better job so she can afford a home again someday.

Topics: Homelessness
Resources: Issue Video


Minor Sex Trafficking

Every day, children as young as twelve are lured into a world of exploitation and then forced to sell their bodies. They are kept in physical and emotional bondage through violence, fraud, coercion, and addiction.

Topics: Sex Trafficking, Human Trafficking
Resources: Issue Video, Public Service Announcement


Don’t Text & Drive

There is something about the speed and simplicity of text messaging. But that speed and simplicity can be deceiving when you get behind the wheel of a car. Drivers who text are 23 times more likely to be involved in a car crash than drivers who don’t text.

Topics: Texting & Driving, Driver Safety
Resources: 3 Issue Videos, 3 Public Service Announcements


Domestic Violence

Real women share their stories of abuse and control by former husbands and boyfriends.

Topics: Domestic Violence, Physical Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Financial Abuse
Resources: Issue Video, 3 Public Service Announcements


After the Choice

Of the millions of choices we will make during our lifetime, few carry as much weight as deciding how to handle an unplanned pregnancy. ‘After the Choice’ features the personal stories of women who chose to terminate their unplanned pregnancies.

Topics: Post-Abortive Stress, Healing
Resources: 3 Issue Videos


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